Jewelry is no longer a guilty pleasure
Growing up in Antwerp with families in the diamond trade, we were frustrated by the lack of transparency in the industry. There’s always been murkiness surrounding how fine jewelry is made. So we came up with an idea that channels our heritage into creating a jewelry brand for the modern mind; one that crafts new ideas and creations, like our lab-grown diamonds, whilst using already existing materials, like our 18k recycled gold.
Our mantra is recycle, not resource
We created Kimaï with the aim of cutting out the middlemen and by using lab-grown diamonds, we actually manage and control the whole process, without trading off on creating beautiful, design-led jewelry.
When it comes to jewelry, we have seen few innovations to bring transparency to the industry until recently, with the introduction of lab-grown diamonds. By using lab-diamonds – which are physically and chemically identical to those that are mined – Kimaï can lure its customers away from the mining industry and in turn promise better prices and better treatment of the people and planet.
Our service is made to order, therefore you receive a much more personal experience. We keep you updated from the moment you place an order, right through to when that green pouch arrives through your door. We haven’t completely turned on our Belgian heritage (waffles with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast!) After all Antwerp is known as the diamond capital of the world, so our jewelry is still handmade there and we work closely with trusted artisans – goldsmiths, polishers and setters – to provide the comfort of knowing where the materials come from.
Our gold is 100% recycled too, because we know there is a finite amount of the precious metal left on earth and the extraction process is incredibly damaging to its workers and environment. We like to add our Kimaï twist to tradition, and there’s plenty of abandoned jewelry boxes out there with gold that’s willing us to melt it back down and give a new life. Plus, we love that our jewelry had a previous life story.
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